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A series of catalysis paintings

"La Réunion espace métaphorique"


Metaphorical paintings have an inner verbal structure, which tends to a continuity between different paintings called "series of catalysis".

The whole structure seems to paint a poem.


"L'Esprit du feu" (0,92mx1,42m)

© 1886, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"The cold and luminous spirit of fire is floating along, far over curvilinear extinct crater sights, at that exact moment when lava will awaken"

"L'oeil de la tourmente"(0,92mx1,42m)

© 1886, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"Then, in the depth, on coast level, through the magnet fields of the wind, the spirit of earth wil rouse from its stone walls"

"Au Large de Saint-Pierre I" (0,92mx1,42m)

© 1886, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"Then, by sunset, on old sea roads, some prayers a floating back, alongside the coast, when Notre-Dames des Calumets secures the way"



"Au-dessus de Cilaos" (0,92mx1,42m)

© 1886, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

"Yet over Cilaos, the cupola seems to hold out the weigtht of dreams."