© 2006, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

Exploration of this work

Healing painting belongs to the restitution of our energy




Art retains old ideas, which are bound to us, but can no longer exist. The dreams of air are the phenomenological power of poets and artists, in the same way as the daydream about fire. Fire is not an element; it is an anarchical movement of molecules. However, fire comes back again in the dreams of artists, because there is some power bound to us inside this dethroned mythology. The dreamer projects himself inside the elements which no longer exist, but give him an archetypal presence, and an infinite power. This idea was part of Bachelard’s study of art and science. In a context of phenomenological philosophy (phenomenology describes the intentionality of somebody who projects himself inside the reality he sees, or imagines).

We can feel good by dreaming that we give our powerful, crystallized body a presence, even a material presence. We can feel good by dreaming about the levitation we could experience with this body. We can feel happy floating over an immense sea in an ataraxie state. This describes detachment and spiritual peace, peace of the crystallized body. These dreams are part of the potential daydreams of air, as an element, which has to be overcome, because humanity faced this limitation during its evolution, but we do not have memory of this, as we do not have any memory of the transformation of the element air into molecular identities. The artist brings back to us our lost memories, and, for us, this is permission to dream. Art is a petrified dream, which calls forth our potential dreams in the same way.