Yggdrasill belongs to the North European civilization.



Yggdrasill (2m x4m)

© 2008, Gilbert Charles KIEFFER

This mythological tree which could unite earth and heaven is universal. It expresses a seeking: human fulfilment through dreams of trascendence.


Exploration of this painting


The first consideration about energy brings back up a deep evidence:energy is received exactly as it is given...

and... received

because it is given to us...

given to us...

because given by us...

by us to us...

We receive only what we give. There is no energy we received, which was not first given by us, unconsciously. We bring back to a painting, to a poem, to a piece of music, the energy of our seaking and questionning, the force of our human passion, the energy of our "connatus". And we expect to receive pleasure.

Yet we cannot believe that this energy first was a part of us. Theses forces are ours.

There is a circulation from inside outside.

Even as a spectator, we bring back into art, a part of its past life, we litteraly dream back, and move imperceptibly inside paintings and art a great part of our being.

We reap what we sow.

It does not only mean that our sense of art can be intenser. It means first that art can activate the circulation of our energy from inside outside.